Activators for Industrial/Structural Adhesive Bonding Applications

Adhesive activators increase the cure speed and improve adhesion of industrial adhesive bonding applications. The products are designed to enable curing of 600 series and 800 series acrylate adhesives in areas not able to see light or heat. Dymax metal bonding adhesives develop bond strengths up to 3,500 psi in 10 to 30 seconds between opaque surfaces when an adhesive activator is pre-applied to metal substrates. Many products also bond well to various engineering plastics and glass surfaces.

  • Increase strength of bonded substrates
  • Improve adhesion
  • Fixture in seconds

Structural adhesives form durable bonds with an adhesive activator between close-fitting parts for fast metal joining, ferrite bonding, magnet bonding, and motor assembly. Applications include tacking, bonding speaker cones, magnet bonding, motor assembly, furniture assembly, appliance manufacturing, plastic assembly, and general bonding to metal and ceramics.