Syringe Dispensers

Powered Syringe Dispensers

Powered Syringe Dispenser - SD-100

For Easy Set Up and Accurate Dispensing from a Syringe

The SD-100 digital syringe dispenser accurately dispenses low-to-high viscosity materials from a syringe. Operators are able to quickly and easily set up the system for the deposit size needed with the digital timer control and adjustable pressure gauge. This dispensing system is ideal for use as an operator work station and can also be integrated into an automated process by connecting an external signal to the system input. Dymax powered syringe dispensers can also be easily integrated into automated processes. They feature vacuum suck-back for clean, crisp shutoff of fluids and can be programmed with up to 9 different dispense setting routines. The unit’s three operation modes include manual, timer, and cycle to meet specific application requirements.

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