Light-Curable Materials for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Systèmes de batteries pour véhicules électriques à mobilité électrique

E-Mobility - Electric Vehicle Battery Systems

Design Battery Packs with Reliable Performance

Protecting electric vehicle battery systems from harsh environments is critical, as e-mobility designs of full electric and hybrid electric vehicles continues to gain traction. The battery is the heart of an electric vehicle and must maintain performance under drastic temperature changes and corrosive elements like salt and sulfur, as well as moisture, vibration, and shock.

To ensure top performance, functionality, and long service life of hybrid and EV batteries, components must be bonded, sealed, potted, or coated. Dymax light-curable materials are suitable for applications using cylindrical, pouch, or prismatic lithium-ion battery designs, including applications involving electrical components inside charging stations.

Dymax light-cure conformal coatings help protect printed circuit boards in battery management systems (BMS) and charging stations from thermal shock and humidity, and corrosive elements like salt and sulfur. Formulations are available with fluorescing technology, in IPC-CC-830 approved, MIL-I-46058 listed, and UL recognized grades, and with moisture-cure or secondary heat-cure capability.