Rotorcraft - Helicopter


Rotorcraft - Helicopter

Longer service life and surviving harsh environmental conditions are critical to component design for the rotorcraft sector of the aerospace industry. Rotorcraft components, such as rotor spindles, gears, blades, and hubs, as well as airframe components and fluid fittings, are being designed with the newest technology to withstand tough environments. Dymax light-cure maskants are designed to address the growing industry challenges and demands for technical advancements in the rotorcraft sector.

During processing, rotorcraft components must be protected from various surface treatment processes such as plating, grit blasting, and thermal barrier coating. SpeedMask® light-curable maskants seal and protect machined, ground, or polished surfaces during processing. The masks replace labor-intensive tape, wax, lacquers, and fixture application and eliminate rework and scrap. They are solvent free enabling a greener, more environmentally friendly process.

SpeedMask maskants cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light making them easy to incorporate into automated systems. The materials are easily removed by peeling or incineration during heat-treat or heat-tint operations, leaving surfaces residue free on non-porous surfaces.

Temporary light-curable maskants are preferred over traditional masking methods due to ease of application, superior protection, consistent reliability, and fast cure time.