High Intensity UV/Visible Light-Curing Spot Lamps




Dymax 紫外光点光源固化设备一般可在 1 至 10 秒内固化紫外光和可见光胶粘剂和涂层。这些紫外光固化设备是研发实验室、少量和批量生产的理想选择,特别适用于医疗、工业、电子、汽车和光学行业。

Dymax 紫外光点光源固化设备可搭配多种标准或定制的光导使用。Dymax 提供不同内径(3 mm、5 mm 和 8 mm)和长度(标配为 1 米,最长 6 米)的液体或光纤单光导/多头光导。

System provides manufacturers with the curing flexibility they need, in a smaller, more efficient design. The unit is comprised of two main parts, a controller with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and a high-intensity LED emitter which is uniquely designed to offer higher, more consistent curing intensity than traditional spot-curing systems.

Available Globally – CE-Marked


High-intensity spot-curing system features all the benefits of LED-curing technology in a smaller, more versatile unit; control up to four LED heads independently for greater curing flexibility; LED heads available in 365, 385, and 405 nm and can be outfitted with 3-, 5-, or 8-mm diameter focusing lenses

Available Globally – CE-Marked