Liquid Lightguides for UV Spot Lamp Curing Systems

Liquid Lightguide for UV Light Curing Spot Lamps

Dymax offers a broad range of liquid lightguides to deliver high intensity UV light efficiently from UV spot lamp curing systems. Liquid lightguides are the most economical means for delivering high intensity UV light to adhesives and coatings. Superior Dymax technology minimizes degradation of light intensity over time and transmits the highest light intensity available for UV curing. Lightguides are available in two-pole, three-pole and four-pole configurations for UV curing multiple points simultaneously. Filter mount assemblies are available to extend the life of lightguides.

  • More efficient than glass fiber optics for transmission in the visible range
  • Superior quartz fibers for transmission in the UVA-light range
  • Lightguide liquid transmits no infrared radiation and has excellent cold light properties
  • Uniform illumination across active diameter results in higher input and output and lower losses at interfaces
  • No danger of individual fiber breakup
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Single-Pole and Multi-Pole Lightguides

Dymax BlueWave® 200 and ADAC Systems Cure Spot lights use flexible liquid lightguides for rapid and controlled curing of Dymax UV adhesives, coatings and sealants. A liquid lightguide is an optical instrument comprised of a light conducting liquid core within plastic tubing.

Lightguide Filter Mount Assemblies

Optical bandwidth Cool Blue™ filters extend liquid lightguide life and provide more curing options for applications requiring UV light cure. Filters are factory installed in the lightguide mount assembly, which holds the lightguide into the housing.

Lightguide Mounting Stand

The Dymax lightguide mounting stand holds liquid lightguides securely in place for precise light curing of UV adhesives. A 24" flexible arm secures 3 mm, 5 mm or 8 mm single-pole lightguides for hands-free UV spot curing.

Lightguide Rod Lenses

Rod lenses provide uniform ultraviolet curing of large areas and eliminate distortion and movement in optical applications, such as casting lenses and domes and positioning of fiber optic components.

Lightguide Simulator

Dymax shields are designed as protection from ultraviolet and visible light while allowing clear visibility of curing parts. All enclosures allow for height adjustment. The Light Shield enclosure offers 360° of protection and is used with Dymax flood and focused beam lamps and shutters.

Lightguide Terminators

Angled terminators attach to any 5 mm aperture liquid lightguide. They enhance worker safety for hand-held applications by blocking UV light below 340 nm and are ideal for curing hard to reach spots.