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Sr. Electric Instrument Technician, North & East China

The electric instrument technician should have the ability of electric troubleshooting, maintaining of instrument, and other equipment. He or she needs work with the instrument engineer and engineering team for equipment(instrument) troubleshooting, renew, upgrade, maintenance based on reliability and process requirement. And also take responsibility for the plant power supply system.

About the job:

  • Be able to do electric troubleshooting, on-line inspection, and to execute equipment & Instrument maintenance works on-site with the guidance of engineer
  • Take responsibility for plant power supply system inspection and maintenance
  • Cooperate with the instrument engineers to execute the scheduled/unscheduled shutdown tasks and MOC/project tasks
  • Execute the routine inspection on-site and fill in the inspection sheet. To report any instrument technical finding on-site and act accordingly and to manage external service vendor works on site
  • Be proficient in Delta V system and other PLC control system     

The ideal candidate: 

  • At least college degree in electric engineering
  • Have high voltage electrical certificate and low voltage electrical certificate
  • Technical 3 years+ experience of equipment & instrument maintenance
  • Experience of 10KV power supply system maintenance
  • Be familiar with the common instruments (temperature, pressure, level flow, and control valves)  and instrument loop, priority for the experience with loop test during the project phase
  • Understand PID, and know about the control system such as DCS/SIS/PLC
  • Priority for the experience with equipment electric troubleshooting like Weighing system, scales.)
  • Basic computer skill (Outlook, word, excel, etc.,)
  • Should know DCS & PLC control system 
  • Creative problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong team-working skills, with an ability to motivate and engage others

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