UV Curable Optical Assembly Adhesives

Optical Assembly Adhesives

UV Curable Optical Assembly Adhesives

Low-Stress, Low-Movement, Light-Curable Optical Adhesives

Dymax low-stress, low-movement, light-curable optical adhesives cure in seconds to provide the strength and clarity of epoxies. Optically clear, high-tensile-strength bonds of 3,000 psi and shrinkage as low as 0.1% are possible.

  • UV/Visible light cure in seconds
  • Optically clear adhesive with excellent light transmission properties
  • High strength optical adhesive
  • Low stress optical adhesive
  • Solvent free
  • Low shrinkage and low outgassing properties, result in no movement during cure
  • One component, no mixing is required

UV curable optical adhesives for optical assembly and lens bonding include grades for VCSEL potting, lens fixturing, lens laminating, lens positioning, and fiber-optic assembly. Dymax optically clear adhesives feature low-shrink, low-stress characteristics, are single component, and exhibit gap filling to 1/4″.

OP series UV/Visible light cure optical adhesives are ideal for optical assembly applications such as lens and optical mounting and the attachment of ceramic, glass, quartz, metal, and plastic components.