Protect medical circuitry and components from damage with light-curable medical electronics coatings.

Medical Electronics Coating

Light-Curable Medical Electronics Coatings

Flexible, High-Performance Coatings for Electronic Applications

Coat and seal light-sensitive medical circuity and components with light-curable medical electronics coatings. These flexible, high-performance materials bond well to a variety plastics and glass, as well as metal substrates. The solvent-free coatings are all fast curing upon exposure to UV/Visible light or heat.

Some products are LED curable and others feature secondary heat cure for applications where shadow areas on printed circuit boards are an issue. Formulations with blue fluorescing capability are ideal for in-line, high-speed visual inspection of bond lines. Opaque blue/black and pink/red color products allow for precise material placement, help prevent tampering, and also conceal sensitive components.

The products are ideal for use as a moisture barrier, conformal coating, assembling reservoirs and transducers, as well as sealing medical micro circuits.

Applications include:

  • Coating of flexible and rigid PCBs and circuits
  • Protection of light-sensitive components
  • Tamper prevention
  • Potting components

The products bond to a wide range of substrates, from CAP and polystyrene to glass-filled epoxy and steel. The coatings have all passed ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity biocompatibility standard.