Potting Compound Materials for Electronics Assembly

Potting Compounds

Light-Curable Potting Compounds for Electronic Components

Multi-Cure® Materials for Reliable Protection of Electronics Circuitry

Potting compounds cure tack free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, replacing epoxy urethane and silicone potting materials. Shallow potting and sealing of electronic components and circuitry is possible in 10-30 seconds or less. Fast cure times allow for complete in-line processing, lower labor costs, as well as large throughput increases for J.I.T. manufacturing. Additionally, the ability to cure with light eliminates the need for fixtures, jigs, racks, and ovens, increasing space and lowering total inventory costs.

Light-curable potting materials are well suited for applications where rigid bonds or potted areas are desired. They provide translucent bonds with excellent adhesion to engineered plastics and are ideal for potting electronics, connectors, thermal switches, and sensors, as well as for tamper proofing. Multi-Cure® potting adhesives seal exposed areas with light, and also cure secondarily with activator or heat for shadow areas. Electronics potting compounds offer high adhesion to metal, glass, ceramic, and many phenolic, filled, and thermoset plastics and are ideal for bridge bonding.

Halogen-Free Dymax Products    Halogen-free formulations, including coatings, adhesives, and encapsulants, are available.