UV/Visible light-curable peelable maskants for electronics applications, printed circuit boards, and printed wiring boards.

Electronics Masking

Light-Curable Peelable Maskants for Electronics Applications

Protect Components During Conformal Coating, Wave Soldering, & Reflow

SpeedMask® peelable maskants for electronics cure in seconds “on demand” when exposed to UV/Visible light. The products are all one part, solvent free, and silicone free. Just one layer of masking material provides excellent protection of printed circuit and wiring boards during processing. Bondable substrates include leadframe, ceramic, PCB, flex, as well as silicon. They are also compatible with gold and copper connector pins.

The formulations are highly thixotropic and/or non-slumping for manual or automated dispensing onto difficult components. Maskants with bright pink or blue color are available for visual confirmation of material dispense onto substrates. The products are designed for precise placement onto electronic components hard to tape or mask prior to conformal coating applications, wave soldering, or reflow operations.

After full cure, the masks peel off cleanly, eliminating the concern of ionic contamination or silicone left behind other masking methods. Fluorescing grades are available for post-cure quality inspection.

Halogen-Free Dymax Products A variety of Dymax halogen-free conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials are also available.