LED Protection - LED Encapsulants and LED Potting Materials

LED Protection

Light-Cured LED Encapsulants and LED Potting Materials

LIGHT CAP® Resins Keep LED Lighting Brighter Over Time and Provide Optimal Led Protection

Light Cap® LED encapsulants and led potting materials cure in seconds to provide optimal protection of LEDs. Light Cap materials are designed to endure higher operating temperatures, resist yellowing, and transmit more light than competing technologies. Offering better clarity, at higher temperatures than traditional epoxy, urethane, or UV doming resins, Light Cap  resins keep LED lighting brighter over time and provide optimal led protection.

Light Cap LED encapsulants and LED potting materials are low stress, so fragile wire bonds are not compromised during thermal excursions or normal operating environments. Light Cap resins make LEDs brighter and increase production efficiency.

  • Engineered for higher power LEDs
  • Enhanced light transmittance
  • Resist heat induced yellowing
  • Optically clear
  • Cure in seconds
  • Lower reject rates
  • One part, no mixing required
  • Solvent free
Halogen-Free Dymax Products Dymax has halogen-free formulations. We offer a wide variety of halogen-free conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials.
LED Protection – LED Encapsulants and LED Potting Materials

Instant casting of LEDs; LED die attach; Colorless cavity molding; Rapid forming of protective optical lens for high intensity LEDs

Halogen-free; UV/Visible light cure for fastest processing; Low VOC; High viscosity for dome shape; One part, no mixing required; Heat resistant to 100°C; Resistant to long-term UV exposure; High light transmittance; Durometer between silicone and epoxy

Conformal coating for LED arrays; Colorless encapsulation of COB LEDs; Instant forming of protective lens for high-intensity LEDs

UV light cure; Low viscosity for thin coatings; Solvent free; Isocyanate free; Low VOCs