Light-cure encapsulants and coatings form crystal clear bonds for superior LED protection of light-emitting diodes.

LED Protection

Encapsulants, Coatings, and Casting Resins for LED Protection

LIGHT CAP® Materials Keep LED Lighting Brighter Over Time

LIGHT CAP® LED protection coatings and encapsulants cure in seconds upon exposure to light energy, providing optimal protection of light emitting diodes. The products are able to endure higher temperatures, resist yellowing, and transmit more light than competing technologies. They are low stress, so fragile wire bonds are not compromised during thermal excursions or normal operating environments. Offering better clarity than traditional epoxy, urethane, or UV doming resins, LIGHT CAP light-curable materials keep LED lighting brighter over time.

LED Encapsulants and Coatings are:

  • Engineered for higher power LEDs
  • Enable enhanced light transmittance
  • Resist heat-induced yellowing
  • Optically clear
  • Curable in seconds
  • One part, so no mixing is required
  • Solvent free

Typical applications include instant casting of LEDs, LED die attach, colorless cavity molding, as well as the instant formation of protective lenses for high-intensity LEDs.

Halogen-Free Dymax Products A variety of Dymax halogen-free conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials are also available.