Bond lenses, barrels, and filters and attach CCD or CMOS die to PCBs with fast light-curable camera module adhesives.

Camera Module Assembly

Light-Curable Camera Module Adhesives

Faster, Stronger Bonds for Consumer Electronics

Camera module adhesives and light-curable materials are utilized for the assembly of camera modules found in smart connected devices and automobiles, as well as security and industrial camera systems. The materials cure in seconds upon exposure to light energy, providing greater product yields in a much shorter assembly time.

The products have excellent adhesion to a variety of plastics as well as metals used in the manufacturing of consumer electronics, including camera modules and electronic device housings. They are capable of withstanding harsh conditions like moisture, heat and shock, which electronic devices are often exposed to.

Bondable substrates include glass, Kapton, PMMA, ceramic, silicon, leadframe, flex circuit, and even FR4, ABS, and LCP. LCMs are available for a variety of applications including active alignment, positioning/barrel fixturing, as well as FPC reinforcement.

Camera Module Adhesive Applications:
1 – Bonding the camera lenses
2 – Fixturing the lens barrel to lens holder
3 – Bonding the lens holders to the PCB (Active Alignment)
4 – Flexible PCB Reinforcement
5 – Bonding the IR filter to the lens holder
6 – Attaching the CCD or CMOS die to the PCB

Formulations with bend resistance, good surface dry, low outgassing, low shrinkage, as well as good electrical properties and flexibility are available.