Light-Curable Materials for Use in the MRO, OEM, Rotorcraft, and Avionics Sectors of the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Aerospace and Defense Industry

Light-Curable Materials for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Quickly Assemble Components Used in the MRO, OEM, Rotorcraft, and Avionics Sectors

Extending engine service life, improving imaging sensors, and protecting printed circuit boards from harsh environments is critical to the design and manufacture of components used throughout the rotorcraft, MRO, OEM, and avionics sectors of the aerospace and defense industry.

Dymax light-curable formulations address the growing industry challenges and demands for new ways to improve these components by offering product technology that increases throughput, decreases rework and costs, enhances performance, and also improves manufacturing processes.

Some of the light-curable materials (LCMs) for avionics include conformal coatings, encapsulants, form-in-place gaskets, ruggedizing materials, potting compounds, SpeedMask® maskants, as well as general aerospace adhesives. They are used for a variety of applications including camera module bonding, surface finishing protection, PCB coating, and sensor protection. Dymax LCMs provide:

  • Solvent free formulations
  • Cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light
  • Easy integration into automated systems
  • One part, 100% solids materials
  • Compatible light-curing equipment and dispensing systems

Aerospace and Defense Industry