Speaker Assembly Adhesives and Gaskets

for Optimal Performance in Speaker Applications Including Bonding, Sealing, and Gasketing

Speaker Assembly Adhesives and Gaskets

Dymax acrylated urethane adhesives and gaskets cure in seconds for optimal performance in speaker applications including bonding, sealing, and gasketing. Dymax materials are used to bond speaker magnets, cones, speaker membranes, and voice coils. Both activator and UV curable speaker assembly adhesives exceed the assembly, technical performance, and environmental compliance requirements. Each material is solvent free and does not emit HAPS or VOCs upon cure.

Special adhesive products are available to enhance sound and direct it to listeners. These solvent- and ODC-free speaker assembly adhesives cure on demand, increase structural integrity, and help reduce processing costs.

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Speaker Assembly Adhesives and Gaskets

Applications: Speaker assembly
Features: Low stress; clear; environmentally resistant; adheres to a wide variety of surfaces; good for flexible and rigid substrates; LED light-curable

Applications: Microspeaker assembly
Features: Bonds a wide variety of substrates, including LCP and PAR/PEN speaker membranes; thick viscosity for easy application; bright red color for easy inspection

Applications: Formulated for speaker assembly, sound dampening, and automotive enclosures
Features: UV/Visible light curing; soft, low-durometer tacky resin; self-leveling viscosity; good deflection; adheres to a wide variety of plastics, metals, glass, and ceramics including glass-filled nylon; silicone free; conforms to intricate and complex component configurations