Innovative Adhesive Technologies

Dual-Cure, See-Cure, Ultra-Red, and Encompass Adhesive Technologies

Revolutionary New Technologies
Making Manufacturing More Efficient

As an innovator in the adhesive and coating industries, Dymax strives to create new technologies that help manufacturers to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase through-put
  • Decrease costs
  • Decrease inventory

New technologies are now available to enhance vision systems and quality control inspection, as well as eliminate the need for multiple manufacturing processes.

Innovative Adhesive Technologies

Dual-Cure Light/Moisture Cure Adhesive Technology

Dual-Cure Light- and Moisture-Cure Technology

Stop worrying about shadowed areas on PCBs! Dual-Cure conformal coatings and encapsulants represent the newest advancement in light- and moisture-cure technology. Dual-Cure materials are specifically formulated to ensure complete cure in applications where shadowed areas on high density circuit boards are a concern. With Dual-Cure, shadowed areas cure over time with moisture. In addition, they fluoresce vivid blue when exposed to UV light and are easily dispensed. Learn more...

See-Cure Color-Change Adhesive Technology

See-Cure Color-Change Adhesive Technology

The two most often asked questions in the adhesives industry are:

» "How can I tell where an adhesive has been applied?"
» "How do I know the adhesive is cured?"

Dymax adhesives formulated with patented See-Cure color-change technology start out bright blue in their uncured state, making them very visible when dispensed onto substrates. After the adhesive is exposed to UV light the color changes from blue to colorless, 5-15% slower than the adhesive cures. This cure indicator ensures the adhesive is completely cured, providing a critical safety feature for manufacturing processes. Learn more...

Ultra-Red Fluorescing Adhesive Technology

Ultra-Red™ Fluorescing Adhesive Technology

Seeing Red? You Should Be!

Many plastics naturally fluoresce blue under UV light, which minimizes the inspection advantages of using blue fluorescing adhesives in parts assembly. Ultra-Red™ fluorescing technology formulated into Dymax UV adhesives provides a vivid contrast that permits accurate bond-line inspection. In addition to the red fluorescence, the Ultra-Red™ Fluorescing technology allows for faster, deeper depth of cure. Learn more...

Encompass Adhesive Technology

Encompass™ Adhesive Technology

Dymax adhesives formulated with Encompass™ technology incorporate Dymax exclusive See-Cure color change and Ultra-Red™ fluorescing technologies into one light-curable product. As a result, manufacturers gain efficiencies from rapid on-demand curing with easy cure confirmation and post-cure bond-line inspection. Learn more...