Medical Device Assembly

UV and Visible Light Curing Adhesives for Medical Disposable Devices

MD® medical device adhesives are solvent free, cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, and are certified to USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards. The adhesives form clear, high-strength bonds to metal, glass, and medical plastics. They are ideal for bonding a wide variety of substrates, including UV-inhibited and tinted plastics, found in catheters, reservoirs and housings, respiratory devices, needles and syringes, tube sets and fittings, oxygenators, and other medical disposable devices.

Dymax UV medical adhesives are compatible with gamma, EtO, and E-Beam sterilization. Fluorescing formulations are available that enable fast, easy in-line inspection with automated vision equipment for high-speed, high-volume production.

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UV/Visible Light Curing Medical Device Application Adhesives

See-Cure Color-Change Medical Device Adhesives

See-Cure Color Change Adhesives

Dymax See-Cure products in the uncured state are a bright blue color, and upon reaching full cure the blue color changes to clear. These are ideal for detection upon dispensing, as well as checking to verify that cure is complete. This technology allows for easy quality inspection, and can be an excellent troubleshooting tool.

Catheter Bonding Adhesives

Catheter Bonding

The Dymax "CTH" line of UV and visible light curable catheter bonding adhesives provides reliable cost-saving assembly solutions for catheter manufacturers. These products are ISO 10993 approved and formulated to meet the unique assembly challenges associated with the newest catheter materials.

Medical Multipurpose Adhesives

Multipurpose Adhesives

The Dymax MD® "1000" series adhesives are solvent free and cure within seconds upon exposure to UV and visible light and permit bonding of UV inhibited and tinted plastics. In-line inspection of the adhesive bond line is made possible with the patented fluorescing chemistry.

Medical Electronics Coatings

Medical Electronics Coatings

Flexible, high-performance, LED-curable coating for electronic applications. This coating contains secondary heat-cure capability for applications where shadowed areas exist.

Needle/Syringe Bonding Adhesives

Needle/Syringe Bonding

High speed, high volume, needle bonding and syringe needle assembly is possible with Dymax UV and visible light curable adhesives. These products are ISO 10993 approved and bond on demand at room temperature when exposed to UV or visible light.

Reservoir & Housing Assembly Adhesives

Reservoir & Housing Assembly

Dymax UV and visible light curable adhesives for the assembly of reservoirs and housings provide superior adhesion and performance in bonding rigid medical devices. These products cure through UV blocked or virtually opaque plastics and are available in different viscosities. Their ability to fill large gaps eliminates the need for precise bond joints and therefore replaces costly ultrasonic welding applications.

Respiratory Device Assembly Adhesives

Respiratory Device Assembly

The Dymax "MSK" line of UV and visible light curable adhesives has been formulated for bonding respiratory devices such as anesthesia masks, resuscitator bags, and breathing circuits. These products are solvent free, ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity approved and form strong, flexible bonds to a variety of substrates as well as highly plasticized plastics.

Tube Sets and Fittings

Tube Sets & Fittings

Dymax UV and visible light curable adhesives for bonding tube sets and fittings have been formulated to provide solvent-free, cost-saving assembly solutions to medical device manufacturers. These products cure "on demand" within seconds and provide reliable, flexible bond joints.