Glass Bonding Adhesives

for Decorative and Industrial Glass Assembly

Glass Bonding Adhesives

Dymax Light-Weld® UV curable glass bond assembly adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to ultraviolet light. Multi-Cure® grades cure with UV light, activator, or heat for UV blocked and tinted glass. These glass bonding adhesives are all one part, so no mixing is required, solvent free, and do not emit VOCs during cure. Dymax UV curing glass adhesives form high-strength, clear, environmentally resistant bonds to glass as well as plastic and metal substrates. They adhere to soft glass, borosilicate glass, lead crystal, steel, plated metals, and thermoset plastics. These glass adhesives form excellent bonds to the following:

  • Stemware
  • Glass headlamps
  • Fountain assembly and furniture assembly
  • Art glass, architectural glass, and bullet proof glass
  • Crystal figurines, trophies, and novelties
  • Metal brackets to glass
  • Laminating
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UV and Visible Light Curing Glass Bonding Adhesives Selector Guide

Applications: General-purpose glass bonding and metal bonding
Features: Rigid; highly resistant to moisture and heat; dishwasher safe; water clear; low viscosity; exceptional tensile strength; good vibration and impact resistance

Applications: General-purpose glass bonding
Features: Flexible for shock absorption and vibration resistance; fast UV light cure; resists yellowing; clear; ideal for large area bonding; LED light-curable

Applications: High-temperature and moisture-resistant glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal, and plastic bonding
Features: High-temperature and moisture-resistant; high adhesion to glass, metal, and most plastics; clear; flexible for shock resistance; low shrinkage; LED light-curable

Applications: Bonding and laminating to glass, metal, and many plastics including ABS, acrylics, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and styrene
Features: Fast UV/Visible light cure; resists yellowing; clear; good performance in thermal cycling