Light-Cure Keypad Coatings

Offer Design Flexibility While Performing to Stringent Interface Requirements

Keypad Coatings for Electronic Devices

Dymax light-curable coatings are designed to be molded onto plastic films and act as an outer layer of interfaces, including keypads. Dymax light-curing keypad coatings offer design flexibility while performing to stringent interface requirements including most common chemical resistance, impact, abrasion, and pencil-hardness specifications. The molding process enables instant fabrication of various contours, shapes, and textures. Set-up costs are minimal compared to similar performing keypads that require injection molds.

Light-Curing Dymax Keypad Coatings vs. Other Keypad Technologies

  • Eliminates high costs of injection molding, tooling, and energy use
  • Fastest prototyping
  • Unlimited range of coloring/design options
  • Supports ultra-thin device form factors
  • Enhanced tactile response
  • Light cure in seconds
  • Require simple molds
  • High abrasion/chemical resistance
  • High clarity
  • Adhesion to polycarbonate and PET
  • 3-D formable
  • Fast throughput
  • Low tooling cost; rapid prototyping
  • Functional in aggressive service environments
  • Enhanced appearance of back-printed images
  • Compatible with common keypad backing substrates
  • Facilitate contoured profiles
Halogen-Free Dymax Products Dymax has halogen-free formulations. We offer a wide variety of halogen-free coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials.
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Dymax Coating Process: Keypad Coating Process Diagram

Light-Curable Keypad Coatings Selector Guide

Applications: Keypad coating
Features: UV/Visible light cure in seconds; low outgassing; abrasion resistant; low viscosity for bubble-free dispensing