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Mask It, Before You Blast It

SpeedMask® - The Perfect Protectant for Grit Blasting. SpeedMask® maskants protect components during rough, high-pressure surface treatment processes. The light-curable, peelable masks eliminate labor-intensive masking methods, preventing rework and scrap caused by masking failures. They are easily applied to components, only needing one layer for full coverage and conform to the component shape, eliminating edge lifting. They cure in just seconds with light so parts can be immediately processed.


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Product Spotlight: WIDECURE® Conveyor

The WIDECURE Conveyor is our largest conveyor system and was recently upgraded. Find out what's new in this short video.

Product Spotlight: WIDECURE Conveyor System
215-CTh-UR-SC Catheter Adhesive Bonds Difficult Substrates
New Catheter Adhesives are Engineered to Bond with Difficult Substrates

Our new 215-CTH-UR-SC adhesive series is specially designed to bond difficult substrates, like Nylon 12 & PEBA, commonly used in advanced catheter design. These adhesives should be considered for assembly of catheters used in renal denervation and vascular intervention, as well as in balloon catheter, marker band, and manifold bond joint applications.

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BlueWave MX-150 with 4-Pole Lightguide
Expand Your BlueWave MX-150's Curing Capabilities Even Further

The BlueWave® MX-150 LED spot-curing system's power and flexibility has made it an excellent choice for applications in a wide variety of industries. Now, with the release of the new 4-Pole Lightguide Conversion Kit, the system's capabilities are expanding even further. The new conversion kit allows the system to be used with 4-pole lightguides with D-style connectors.

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Can Sunlight Cure Your Light-Curable Material?

One can't argue that sunlight is by far the strongest and best-known source of UVA and UVB light. However, this light is filtered through the earth's ozone, resulting in a much less potent light than the light at the original source. So is it enough for curing your light-curable materials? Continue reading…

Can the Sunlight Cure Your Light-Curable Material?

New Starter Kits Released

Our new educational starter kits are designed to help individuals who are just getting started with light-curing technology. Each kit is a downloadable package of useful resources like comprehensive guides, reference tables, tips for success, and other tools that will help people starting out accrue the knowledge they need to design and maintain a successful light-curing process. 

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New White Paper - Get Your Copy!
New White Paper: Increase Performance & Productivity in Your PCB Manufacturing Process

Today's challenging economic conditions require manufacturers to continually seek ways to improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve product performance without sacrificing product quality. How can these initiatives translate to a company's bottom line? Continue Reading…

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