Light-curable encapsulants protect sensitive components on printed circuit boards, including bare die, wire bonds, and ICs.

Encapsulation Materials

Encapsulants For Printed Circuit Board Components

Protection for Bare Die, Wire Bonds, Chip-On-Board & Integrated Circuits (ICs)

9000-series encapsulants cure tack free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light for superior protection on both flexible and rigid PCB platforms. Dual-cure grades also feature secondary ambient moisture cure for shadow areas. These fast-curing materials help reduce processing and energy costs associated with alternative technologies and are easily incorporated into automated systems for maximizing microelectronic assembly and production speeds.

Tough and flexible, the products exhibit high ionic purity as well as resistance to humidity and thermal shock to effectively protect components and improve their reliability. They contain no sharp, abrasive, mineral or glass fillers to abrade fine wires, and their combination of low Tg and low modulus results in low stress wire bonding.

Electronic Encapsulation Applications Include:

  • Chip-On-Board, Flex, and Glass
  • Bare Die Encapsulating
  • IC to Flex Circuit Attachment and Bonding
  • Glob Top Encapsulation
  • Circuit Coating
  • Wire Bonding

Dymax encapsulant adhesives are all one part, so no mixing is required and viscosity is consistent. They have excellent adhesion to polyimide, PET, flexible printed circuits, FR4, as well as ceramic boards. Formulations are available in a wide range of viscosities, from thin to non-flowing gel.

Additional Benefits of 9000-Series Encapsulants:

  • Fast cure increases throughput and minimizes handling
  • Secondary moisture cure ensures fast cure rate for shadow areas
  • 100% solvent-free chemistry means high coverage and very low VOCs
  • Low stress under thermal cycling, as well as being electrically insulating, equals maximum post-assembly reliability
  • Simple dispense eliminates costs associated with complex dispensing system maintenance
Halogen-Free Dymax Products A variety of Dymax halogen-free conformal coatings, adhesives, and potting materials are also available.